JRP Handcrafted Woods


HI!   My website is currently under reconstruction, so please,  bear with me as I upload new information and updated inventory listings.  And learn how to do it as I go.  I’m getting the hang of adding text, arranging photos, and otherwise doing a much more amateur job of it than most 12 year olds would do.  That’s okay;  I’m not 12.

There will be more inventory added as I complete more pieces, some removed as I sell it. Every piece is one of a kind.

I harvest virtually all the wood I use, right here on my own acreage in Sherman Township, Osceola County, Michigan.  Much, if not most, of it comes from trees down from age, disease, or wind.  I especially love working with spalted wood, which is essentially wood that is starting to decay, and the colorations that come as fungus travels through the wood can be spectacular.

Please look around.  And come back.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.